lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Walk into your life, child

Listen to the whisper, child
As the winter passes by.
Listen to the birds, child
As they fly high and high.
Look at the sky, my child
Because it may just change.
Walk into your life, child
Deep, deep inside

Listen to the waves
As they cross the deep blue.
Believe in my love, child
Because I only have you.

domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

If, if, if

If humans flew up very high
If the houses were in clouds
If trees were up high in the air
And bugs weren't around

If cars were not invented
And stars lit up the sky
If we could fly instead of drive
And houses were closer than a mile

If there was no gravity
And children knew it all
They wouldn't have to do exams
Like Maths or English or art

If there was no pollution
And birds flew very low
I wouldn't like it much
Cos, where would animals go?

If I were you

If I were you
These are the things
I would do....

If I were you
I would buy sweets

If I were you
I would watch television
With friends

If I were you
I would hear rock and roll music
Lying in bed

If I were you
I would play sports
With a brand new ball

If I were you...
Thinking it twice
What would my parents do?

Give me some chocolate!

-Give me some chocolate
Bring here a plate!
-I don't know
But I'm just like a slave
Not for a pharaon
Not for a king
Just for my sister
Old chelly smelly bean

3 Sisters

-My little sister gives me nauseas
My little sister gives me pain
If it was up to me
I would leave her in the rain
-My medium sister steels my things
She's insulting me all day
I don't know why she's just mean
I would like to be like her
-My big sister uses her strength
To make me angry all the time
-That's not true!
-That's not fair!
-I shout without reply!

Playground soup (ii)

Playground soup (ii)

First get a big bowl
And pour water in
Stir and stir
So you can start with it

Pour a spoon full of noise
Two sips of tears and anger
The energy in a big cup
And a bit of pepper and salt

Then stir and stir
All the way round
To make up the soup
Of our playground

After pour children in
And teachers as well
No matter what they shout
Don't look at them drown!

Add one more spoon full of noise
Another of salt
Pepper as well
And that's what we have

Add olive oil
Serve it right now
And look at them when
They taste the playground

lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014


Two large soul spoons of noise
Like four very talkative teachers
A teaspoon of tears
Some anger
One incident sheet (but take two because sometimes it is useful)
A very big playground 
Over ninety full-of-energy kids

First place the playground  in a very green place
Then put in the ninety children 
And pour into each of them a droplet of tears and anger 
Then add the teachers and distribute the anger that is left
Finally sit there and watch how the children play 

P.S. When you finish pour the spoons of noise on top of all the children but careful!!! Don't pour too much